Lost Dog Figurine Database

Database item count: 79
ReferenceNameYearApproximate HeightNotes
19069A Christmas Shared201213.5cmChristmas Edition
19099A Friend Found201113.0cm
19079A Lucky Find201210.8cm
19053All I Want For Christmas201010.0cmChristmas Edition
19045Alone Again200915.0cm
19065And Stretch!20089.0cm
19118Bed Of Roses201312.0cm
19075Birthday Wish200911.3cm
19114Buried Treasure201310.0cm
19097Can You Help Me Find A New Home20137.0cm
19086Could I Have A Hug?201012.5cm
19046Did Someone Call My Name?201010.0cm
19084Dinner For Two200910.5cm
19078Do You Sting?200911.5cm
19060Dog Tyred200815.0cm
19040Dogs Are People Too200920.0cm
19093Dream Friend20106.5cm
19054Dreaming Of My New Home200710.0cm
19111Dreams Are Easier To Reach Together 201218.0cm
19095Ever Feel Like You're Getting Nowhere?20108.0cm
19115Exchanging Gifts20138.0cm
19107Feeling Lucky201210.0cm
19076For Luck200910.7cm
19074For You200918.0cm
19100Gimme Shelter201115.0cm
19067Give The Dog A Bone200925.0cm
19083Handle With Care200913.5cm
19088Have A Heart - Choose Me201012.5cm
19109Have A Heart - Take Me201213.5cm
19041Here I Am200715.0cm
19063Hitting The Hay20088.0cm
19116Homeward Bound201314.0cm
19102Hope Is Just Around The Corner201119.0cm
19108Hot Dog20129.5cm
19048Hungry As A Homeless Dog20099.0cm
19101I Smell Sausages201113.0cm
19087I Won't Give Up201011.5cm
19096I'd Be No Trouble Honest201111.0cm
19085I'll Bring Them Back In Spring201112.5cm
19050I'm Lost Too200910.0cm
19047If All Else Fails Look Cute200711.0cm
19103If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get201113.0cm
19066It Was Like That When I Found It200810.0cm
19106It's Christmaaas!201113.0cmChristmas Edition
19043It's Me Over Here!200715.0cm
19056It's Not Fair, Why Me?201010.0cm
19120Life Is Sweet201313.0cm
19071Looks Familiar200921.0cm
19119Make A Wish201310.0cm
19051Maybe Today?200711.0cm
19073Merry Christmas20099.3cmChristmas Edition
19077Missing You20097.8cm
19064Nearly There...201012.0cm
19052No Fleas On Me20077.0cm
19044Out In The Cold20109.0cm
19080Pick Your Own20099.5cm
19112Room For One More201211.0cm
19091Santa's Little Helper201012.5cmLimited Edition / Christmas Edition
19082Sheep Dog200912.0cm
19042Take Me Home Pleeease200615.0cm
19110There For You201210.0cm
19057This Game Takes Two200717.5cm
19094This Should Get Me Noticed201114.0cm
19049Tickle Me Please20075.5cm
19105Too Excited To Sleep20119.0cm
19104Wanna Play?20119.5cm
19068Warm As Toast200912.0cm
19098What Do You Mean Too Big To Throw201113.0cm
19081Which Way Now?200921.5cm
19092Why Is Christmas Once A Year?20109.0cmChristmas Edition
19117Wishful Thinking20139.5cm
19090Wishing On A Star!201023.0cmLimited Edition
1Wishing To Be Home For Christmas20078.0cmChristmas Edition
19121You Have To Hope201312.0cm
19089You're The Pick Of The Bunch!201014.0cm

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